In the 1 year certificate course in welding innovation the applicants are prepared about the different sort of joints, metals, and styles and use of distinctive sorts of welding.Skilled welders are found in automotive, construction and aerospace industries.The diploma holders in welding innovation are named in different sorts of commercial enterprises that arrangement with assembling, upgradation and upkeep of machine from extensive to little scale.

Career Prospect

With infrastructure development as the main agenda in every governments plan in most of the developing and developed countries and advent of technology in this field to make the work fast and everlasting the scope of welding technology professional has increased main folds in last few years and there are enough opportunities for the young one who wants to make their career in this fast emerging and long lasting field. There is no dearth of work for the learned certified welder in the near future and that too with good financial returns. A welder can get a job from a little house to a big corporate infrastructure development organization like DLF, HDIL, GMRinfra etc.

Nature of Job

Welder is the professional on whose skills and efficiency the whole project's life depends. He is the one who is responsible to link one bond to another to give the infrastructural unit a durable everlasting strength. So to do this work one has to be really skilful in his work. While it is possible to acquire the basic skills needed to become a welder in a short period of time while working in association with some experienced welder. But to work at such a high level one need to undergo extensive training in the finer points of the craft to succeed as a professional.

Job Prospects

If there is huge demand of the welders, it is for highly skilled and professionally trained welders who are well equipped with sophisticated training as well as technology on the other side opportunity for welders without formal training is shrinking rapidly. So to become a welder, you'll need dexterity, good overall physical health, the ability to work on your feet for long periods of time and enough technological knowledge to operate computerized welding equipment?.


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